When chaos imbalances the forces of the primordial Elements it sets into motion events that bring four adventurers and their friends together on a journey that will challenge both Gods and the very forces of existence.

Traveling along the Sword Coast, Anorien, Baçon the Golem Slayer, Baxia, and Fornax launched an investigation into mysterious cults plaguing the local villages. This journey brought them adventure, their own underground organization"The Womford Eagles", and friends with amazing powers like Yon and Shi.

Using their cunning and considerable resources, the four Jerks infiltrated the cults and uncovered the ancient God of Chaos Aram pulling the strings from his fabled prison far off in the Outer Planes. With the help of a powerful wizard Richard and his apprentice Mortimer, the Jerks mounted an offensive that took out the prophets, along with the Prince of Evil Fire, the Demi-God Imix. Friends were lost, but the world was saved.

Life goes on across the Sword Coast, until 3 years later, the Jerks are brought back together, under attack by element bending warriors under the control of a mysterious leader. These warriors are amassing armies, and have kidnapped the genius wizard Richard and Pavash El Alazeem, Anorien’s husband. Will the Jerks be able to pull together the power necessary to fight off this new threat and save their loved ones? Or finally be torn apart trying?

It's Always Sunny in the Multiverse

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