Pavash El Alazeem

Leader of the Womford Eagles, Anorien's Husband, Father of Two


Born in 1348 into a family of 9 children in the massive city of Calimport, Pavash never got much attention. His father was a sailor, and his mother had to run a fruit stand in the market. His family was poor, as his father would often times come home and drink all his earnings away. By the age of 15 Pavash was cut loose into the city on his own and expected to make a living for himself. He entered the import/export business, sailing all along the western coast of the continent and was happy seeing the world and actually making good money for his age. Unfortunately all that changed when, at the age of 18, Pavash was unknowingly helping smuggle slaves kidnapped from the Sword Coast and bringing them south, where they were legal. The Waterdhavian Navy stopped them on a tip while docking overnight, and Pavash spent the next 4 years in prison.
He made connections in prison and once released was able to find work with Jolliver Grimjaw and his bandit organization. Pavash proved incredibly capable and an excellent strategist and soon worked his way up to being Jollivers right-hand man.

The work wasn’t exactly honorable, but Pavash grew up on the streets of a large city and knew that being branded as a slaver meant finding honest work would be difficult. Pavash kept everything moving smoothly and was smart enough at running operations to keep himself safe back in their base, a dingy cave in the southern Dessarin Valley. It wasn’t long until Pavash was ordered by Jolliver to begin infiltration the town of Womford. Pavash wasn’t sure why, as the town had little of value but saw that it’s proximity to the river made it a good strategic location. Eventually, though Pavash learned the truth, that Jolliver had allied himself with Gar Shatterkeel, leader of a cult dedicated to the element of water,in return for the promise of great power and entire lands once the Cult could enact its plans in the Tyar Besil ruins down below.

Pavash and one of his most trusted assistants, Gerald “Jerry” Fleischman, began to worry after Jolliver holed himself up in the Rivergard Keep, north of Womford. Rumors amongst the bandits said he had grown a serious mean streak and had taken to killing anyone who so much as disagreed with him. Even more worrying were rumors of transformative magic turning him into some kind of Were-beast. Spies had also begun reporting back that a group of adventurers had begun quickly encroaching on all the known cult hideouts, and were in danger of finding out about the bandits’ hideouts. Eventually, reports from Red Larch dried up, and soon after word had come back from those who had escaped Rivergard. Jolliver was dead, and Womford burnt to the ground by the adventurers. In the chain of command, this left Pavash in charge of the organization but with hardly any bandits spies or mercenaries left.

Pavash sent another spy into Red Larch to see what had happened to the last, but all that did was lead the jerks right back to him. They arrived and made mincemeat of the bandits guarding the front. They cut through everyone there and made their way back to the main room, where Pavash and Jerry were waiting to fight to their last breath. The Jerks spared their lives, though, scaring everyone into submission by pulling out a flayed face from the original spy in Red Larch. The Jerks decided they’d rather work with the remaining bandits than against them, and dubbed their crew “The Womford Eagles.”

Over the next few months, Pavash found himself falling hard for the bard, Anorien. They fooled around, spent their free time together, and trusted each other inherently. Pavash for the first time in his life felt truly comfortable in his position, not as a leader, but as Anorien’s lover. The Womford Eagles grew rapidly, taking on the insane wizard Richard and his apprentice and grandson Mortimer, Fornax’s new boyfriend, fire genasi Sorcerer Bastian Themander, as well as dozens of talented people from out in the field, convince to defect for a happier and more productive life with the Womford Eagles.

Pavash and the Jerks worked tirelessly to take down the cults, expanding into new bases across the valley and picking off the prophets one by one. Eventually, the jerks were able to mount one last offensive in the underground ruins, killing Vanifer and destroying Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire. Unfortunately, as Pavash later found out, Fornax was lost in the final fight. Pavash delivered the news to Bastian, who was beside himself with grief. Over the next few years, Pavash visited Bastian with the children while Anorien was away, knowing of his strong distaste for him. But Pavash felt bad for Bastian, who had grown up with no family of friends of his own. Even with how annoying and dramatic Bastian was, Pavash couldn’t help but want to try and see him move on and be happy like he was after finding Fornax.

Shortly after the fall of the cults, Anorien arranged for hundreds of blue roses (an expensive flower grown only in Pavash’s hometown of Calimport) to be planted in the garden of their newly renovated manor south of Red Larch. When Pavash came home and saw, he found Anorien in the garden surrounded by the roses on one knee, surprising Pavash with a proposal like no other. A few months later they had found a young half tiefling boy, named Vix, rooting through trash in Red Larch while picking up supplies. It turned out the boy’s parents had been killed by Fire Cultists. They decided to adopt him, and a few short months after that adopted a young Afro Elven girl named Ellyria as well. On the 14th of Kythorn, 1378, Anorien and Pavash were married in a beautiful hilltop ceremony, attended by Ba├žon, Baxia, Jerry Fleischman, as well as their families. Pavash’s mother attended, and wept tears of joy knowing that her son had left a boy and become a man of integrity.

Over the next few years, with the ever-encroaching presence of Waterdeep in the valley, Pavash began bringing the Womford Eagles underground. Half of the staff terminated their contracts and Pavash vacated the old Womford Eagle base, leaving only Rick and Morty there to continue their Arcane research into the destruction orbs, nodes, and the weapons of Aram’s Prophets. His increasingly domestic life left Pavash bored, and Anorien’s packed touring schedule meant he and the children were hardly able to spend quality time with him. Pavash found himself longing for the good ole days.

The night the Jerks found themselves attacked by benders in Womford, Pavash recieved a message through a sending spell, informing him that a gang of benders was coming to attack the house to kidnap him and his children. Pavash rushed to get the children in the safe room, a room shielding from both physical and magical attacks commisioned by Pavash in case of a situation like this. Pavash stayed outside hoping to fend off the attackers himself, but they were able to subdue him and take him away to a secret location.

Pavash El Alazeem

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