Yonmaru "Yon" Qopuk

Bender of all four elements, went missing with Fornax after defeating the cults


Yonmaru Qopuk was born 13th Uktar 1352, to a wealthy family in the islands of Hakoda, where the Waterbending tribes reside. The Qopuk family dealt mostly in fishing and exports, supplying massive amounts of seafood as well as other exports from Asyllium over to the mainland. Yon, as he was known, lead a very sheltered life, protected by his wealthy and worrisome parents. Yon demonstrated excellence in waterbending from a young age, and his parents hired the most skilled waterbending masters in Hakoda to train him. Despite all the privilege afforded to him, Yon felt trapped in his home, stifled by his family’s need to protect him.

At the age of 15, Yon engaged in a vicious argument with his father Unraq, and accidentally bent the earth beneath him after stamping his foot in protest. A small fault line opened up and gravely injured his older father, crippling him and forcing him into a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His family spent large amounts of money hiring the best trainers once they realized Yon had the Eversoul within him, but underneath all of the pride they showed was a deep personal shame for crippling their own father. Yon was no longer restricted to their manor grounds but felt the weight of his past and his future all at once.

Yon spent the next decade training in the 4 elemental powers, mastering each one, still cloistered within Hakoda. Unraq died a week after Yon’s 25th birthday, leaving the family freed of Unraq’s bitter resentment. Yon chartered one of the family’s fishing boats and had them bring him to the Sword Coast, where he sensed adventure and danger, something he craved after years of duty to his family and to the Eversoul.

Yon arrives on the Sword Coast and hears of the elemental cults, and decides to look into them, bringing him to a gathering at the Scarlet Moon Hall. There he meets the Jerks and helps them battle some potential cultists. Yon heard tell of a monastery in Kryptgarden that was tainted with a dark energy and decided to investigate. There he finds the Jerks clearing it out in order to take it over as a base. In the bottom most chamber is an ancient shrine to a dead god, Aram, the ancient enemy to the Overgod Aumuan. Piquing his curiosity as to why it could turn the monasteries priests mad, Yon earthbent the statue of Aram and brought it back to the cave he had started living in North of Westbridge.

Yon and Shi both accompanied the Jerks to the fire node, where they confronted Vanifer and Imix, the Evil Prince of Elemental Fire. With his plan seemingly foiled, Aram took full control of Fornax who began surging with orange and red energy and attacking the party. The party manages to subdue him and Shi while Yon begin a purification ritual. Something goes wrong as Yon delivers the blow to purge Aram’s corruption from Fornax and he is able to pass through Fornax into Yon briefly before Shi manages to remove Aram from him. Raging lava below finally takes its toll though, and the section of the walkway where Yon and Fornax lay breaks off and begins to sink into the lava, unable to reach them, the party flees and escapes the Fane of the Eye and gets back to the surface world alive.

Yon is presumed dead by the world, though as Fornax recounts 3 years later, Yon was able to regain consciousness and cool the lava beneath them into rock with his bending powers and create a passageway out before everything collapsed. Yon left the barely conscious Fornax with Lennie the fire giant and wandered off into the unknown. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Yonmaru "Yon" Qopuk

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