It's Always Sunny in the Multiverse

Sacred Stone Redux

Eleint 7, 1381

The Jerks and Shi disembark from Triboar and begin to head south towards Red Larch by Zeppelin. They proceed by foot once they are on the southern side of the hills.

As they approach, Shi branches off to enter from the back, while the Jerks enter from the side. Skulking through the halls, they manage to avoid confrontation. They enter a side room, finding a small office. On the desk they find a letter written in a strange script. Baxia recognizes it as Fey and is able to read the letter. Signed by the Master Earthbender Barkley, the letter details the imprisonment of Rick and Pavash, and makes reference to his master’s “new world.” They search the room, finding treasures as well as a strange half of a statue with the words “Aram’s Might” inscribed on the base.

They continue down the halls, stopping in another side room, encountering two Crocian Feyfolk chatting during their breaks in the brewery room. They immediately stop and question the Jerks, but Anorien steps forward and manages to charm the Crocians into being honest about their dissatisfaction with their jobs, and then offers them a gram of the drug Xoopa in exchange for information. They comply, giving them the prison cell key for the basement floor, and tell them they’ll have to find two halves of a statue to get down there. They confirm the statue found in the office is one half.

Baxia divines the location of the other half, and they find it guarded by some earthbenders in a nearby room. After a short fight they gather the two statues and head into the Great Hall to head underground to investigate. More throngs of Benders of each element find them sneaking into the hall and attack. After a violent battle they slay each of the bender guards and use the statues on the pedestal in the back of the room and open up the staircase into the underground section of the monastery.

Once downstairs they find the prison full of a group of prisoners, and Rick Sanchez, the kidnapped genius wizard. They unlock the gate and free the prisoners, who introduce themselves as Pogum the Dwarf Cleric, Agar the Dwarven Monk, Xorick the Rogue, Biz Zavodim the Half Orc Ranger, and Flynoren the Halfling Bard. Shi catches up through a side door, looking winded and feeling ill. The prisoners tell their story of meeting a mysterious monk and a bearded prisoner named Pavash who escaped the monk’s lair through a portal. The Jerks invite them to join the Womford Eagles before they notice someone else approaching from the stairs.

Barkley, the Master Lavabender reveals himself, and begins to melt the stone hallways into lava, beginning to corner the party. Bacon grabs the unconscious Rick and the party flees through the side door,



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