It's Always Sunny in the Multiverse

The Bickering

Eleint 7, 1377

Traveling down into the canyon, Anorien, Baçon,Baxia,Fornax and Kraah find a small cavern entrance into what they believe is the Temple of Air, the seat of “Queen” Aerisi Kanolith, from which she rules the Air Cult. They battle through a series of simple minded Kenku Birdmen, whom Kraah considers pathetic in their wingless state.

The party continues down into the Temple, taking down Air Cultists, and plundering their armory of balloons and glider suits, as well as finding a series of creeps self flagelating, whom they slay with great prejudice. Deeper inside The Jerks find cultists torturing human slaves, forcing them to work a series of machines while being whipped. After defeating the cultists, an argument brews between Anorien and Kraah, Anorien believing they should free the slaves, and Kraah believing they should be killed to make sure they don’t alert guards to their presence. Kraah begins killing the slaves, and Anorien begins fighting Kraah.

Bacon and Baxia manage to break up the fight and the party continues down towards the main section of the temple. Anorien and Kraah continue arguing about whether or not to kill the slaves even while fighting the many cultists guarding Aerisi’s throne room. Before reaching Aerisi, they encounter a Djinn, enslaved by Aerisi to try and rebuild the temple to its original glory in her image, using crude tools. He is bound to massive horn kept by Aerisi’s side, sworn to grant one wish to whomever blows the horn. He promises a generous reward if the Jerks can destroy the horn and free him from his slavery.

With that in mind the Jerks proceed upstairs to Aerisi’s throne. There she waits with a sizable guard all drugged into a stupor, while she sits clearly bored upon her throne. She demands answers as to who they are, so they introduce themselves as The Womford Eagles before attacking. Aerisi let’s forth her golden wings and points her spear Windvane at the Jerks, ordering her guard to attack. The Jerks take out her guard first then gang up on Aerisi, who puts up a hard fight even once alone. She manages to wear down the entire party, critically wounding them. Seeing the Djinn’s horn, Kraah and Anorien both rush for it, attacking one another in order to grab it first. Aerisi manages to knock both of them unconscious while Fornax Baçon and Baxia finish her off. Aerisi explodes in a shrieking gale that rushes through the entire Temple, leaving no corpse. At that moment, a vision is sent to the remaining three prophets of Aerisi’s final moments, and the men who killed her. With the battle over, the squabbling duo are healed and they gather the spoils. Baçon and Anorien both decide they have no use for Windvane, and bequeath it to Baxia instead. It’s decided the Djinns horn will not be destroyed but kept at the Womford Eagles base, leaving the Djinn to continue his work alone. They return and Kraah decided his hermit ways would best be suited for solo missions, and Pavash agrees. The party rests back home and gets ready to raid the next temples.



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